Mother. Really?

The reason why my family love Top Gear so much is because this is the way that we treat each other. With loving disrespect and total silly.

Oh. I’m Captain Slow’s daughter. Allegedly.

I bought myself a new laptop last week. On my own. After asking multiple times for help and being ignored by everyone.

Yesterday, my wonderful new toy stuck itself in flight mode for no reason whatsoever.

I spent hours trying to unstick and this morning asked the children for help. Both of them.

Hence : Oh, Mother. Really?

Who the flip puts a flight mode switch on the same side of a small laptop that I use… to move said computer along the floor?

Now all three of them are claiming to be THE solver of MY Stupid.

P.S. Blu-Tack has solved this problem….because I did exactly the same stupid thing today and needed a solution :o(

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