I have always….ALWAYS known that I can do this face to face in real life.

MY greatest personal revelation came when I understood that I can also do this via the internet.

FEB is a self-proclaimed EMPATH and yt ‘Life-changer.’ Yet….

He still falls for the false, fake, foney who write him little love comments.

Empaths are born, not made.

Empaths see beyond the BS veils and fancy words.

Empaths KNOW a good soul from a dark, twisted soul.

Empaths watch and learn.

Empaths want & need a better world to live in.

Yet we are shunned for exposing the dark and the ugly and the truth.

I can feel the light in people. Even over this stupid Mac.

I am here for one reason only : TO BRING LIGHT TO THE DARK.

Hi Amanda Boii :o)

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