The Lamp of the Wicked

Last night I was at the kitchen table choosing the next audiobook.

I have over 300 “crimes and thrillers” and skipped through them all quickly before choosing The Third Girl.

I saw Lamp of the Wicked and paused.

Last night I had a disgusting nightmare involving family members. Hence my 4am wake up.

P.S. Why not just concentrate on Photos/Buildings/Antiquitech/Aquatech/Tel-Lie-Vision/Tartaria/Space/Flat/Globe and totally MISS the point of “ASCENSION.”

Totally MISS the point of becoming a TRUE soul who is here to help the helpless rather than help ourselves.

Just keep bolstering your ego and bank balance and lovers and forget that THIS PLACE STINKS…. FOUL.

Score sub points and comment points and yada whatever. Crack on…as the Irish say. Crack on until KARMA BITCHES BACK.

Merrily must unearth the mysteries of the decaying village of Underhowle, and tackle a particularly stubborn Detective Inspector who strays off course…

‘Few writers blend the ancient and supernatural with the modern and criminal better than Rickman.’ – Guardian

‘You’re looking at his inspiration. These are ones he wishes he’d done, the ones he wishes he’d got to first.’

After half a century of decay, the village of Underhowle looked to be on the brink of a new prosperity. Now, instead, it seems destined for notoriety as the home of a psychotic serial killer.

DI Frannie Bliss, of Hereford CID, is convinced he knows where the bodies are buried, but Merrily Watkins wonders if Bliss isn’t blinkered by personal ambition. Are the Underhowle deaths really linked to the legacy of Fred West and the most sickening cycle of killings in British criminal history?

I’ve not seen or thought of this vile episode in British history for a very long time. WTF?

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