I was NEVER bullied at school.

The one and only time InRealLife that I met a bully was when I was about 13 years old, staying with Nan, and my cousin and I were walking from her home at the other end of the village to Nan’s home.

We got stopped by three older girls. One of them DEMANDED that I kiss her feet.

I entered Nan’s house 5 minutes later with a glorious black eye :o)

And then…..AND THEN.

I get one minute of exposure on youtube and the GROUPBULLYING starts.

It is 90% documented here in previous posts. The ugliest shit will remain private. More private than the death threats against MY CHILDREN!!!

Modern culture is now CON-TROLLED by cyber/psycho BULLIES who use insults, threats and public comments to f*ck with your mind and destroy you. Fact :o)

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