Intolerable Stupidity

I can forgive many things but not THAT!

Greta Brookes

8 hours agoYaroslavl was the capital of Tartary. It was the home of the Khan and commanded the Northern and Western territories of the world. Constantinople and the Ottomans commanded the Southern and Eastern territories. This is the fake split between Christianity and Islam. Please stop spreading FAKE History. Thank you.

Several yt channels between them and several more platforms besides. All selling merchandise and with PATREON subs.

Greedy? Money-Grubbing Attention Ho’s?

I have earned exactly £40 from over 3 years work here and a lifetime of research.

I have donated over £300 to these kind of channels. Most of which I am now BANNED from btw.

I have 24 followers. Theirs amount to 100’s of 1000’s.

And still I am trolled and insulted.


Kiss my Fat Arse and Whistle Dixie :o)

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