How LOW Can THEY Go?

FFS. Almost 18 months ago I posted…

GB. 24 Jan 2019 : Tartary Empire – A Modern Hijack

And STILL, after all this time, and every single bit of shit that’s happened…the yt MEN ONLY CLUB are doing the Tartary Hexpert CRAP!


Stupid is as Stupid does. Gotta love ’em (?)

Nah. Bored AF with ’em.

Tralala. Traladee.

Just keep pissing in the wind. Y’all’ll spray (airborne vibe) INFECT all your much wanted and needed subbies.


Oh. Shoot. This might be just why I have just over 100 subs after 2 years and they have THOUSANDS.

Again – LMFAO. yt SUCKS (y’all in, retards) :o)

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