There’s A Time& Place To Share Real Life Stories.

On this Place of mine is obviously not the RIGHT WAY!

We had lovely visitors this morning and the conversation turned to our own personal IRL nightmare times.

Our friends are wonderful and amazing but their lives have been so different to ours.

Himself decided to tell the story of me and his sister lost and stranded in Old Dubai souks and having to be rescued because we were the only women there. And light skinned to boot!!!!

Then I piped up with the one about me and his sister getting mugged in Paris, losing all our money and passports.

They (our visitors) know us well enough by now to KNOW that we were NOT LYING. Or exaggerating. Or playing some weird, oneupmanship power-game.

Our stories (years after the initial traumas) have morphed into fact-based comedy sketches about Dumb & Dumber.

This is why I call her my Traveller-in-Crime. We tend to get ourselves (naively and hilariously) into some crazy-arse scrapes in foreign lands.

Laugh out Loud :o)

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